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Trusting and Walking in the Spirit

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths” (Proverbs 3:5-6).

This verse has always been a favorite of mine. Walking by faith is the key to trusting Him in every circumstance. When there are unanswered questions or things we don’t understand, we trust that He is going to provide and lead us according to His plan.

When the Lord revealed to me a snippet of the plans He has for my life, I couldn’t believe it at first. I couldn’t see how or why He would use ME to contribute to the body of Christ. For a few years, I became accustomed to the idea that I was an introvert. I didn’t feel compelled to do a lot of things outside of my comfort zone. The Lord placed on my heart that I needed to start a blog. (one way that the Lord communicates to me is in the form of a pressing thought that I wouldn’t consider doing in my own will) At the time, I felt completely inadequate because I never had a passion for writing and hated writing papers in school. I also felt I was too reserved for it and that no one would care to read it. I just tried to ignore the thought of starting a blog, but it wouldn’t go away.

One week later, I went to a women’s encounter and received a prophetic word that the enemy had been planting seeds in my heart for years and made me believe that I was too introverted to ever do something like this. She kept telling me that I wasn’t an introvert and I wasn’t reserved. In fact, she told me that I needed to use my voice. She kept calling me a young writer and prayed for the Lord to anoint my hands. She also prayed over the issues I had within myself from verbal abuse I experienced and how God is healing and will use me. (I will cover in another blog) All I could do in that moment was cry to the Lord and raise my hands.

Just like God knows all the plans he has for your life, so does the enemy. The enemy was trying to make me feel inadequate so I wouldn’t do what God was calling me to do.

LISTEN, when you have a burning thought that you should be doing something and it just won’t leave you, most likely it is from God. It is something He is wanting you to do. Don’t ignore that feeling because you don’t understand or have all the answers or feel like you can’t. Remember, God uses ordinary people in extraordinary ways to bring glory to His kingdom. Any feelings of inadequacy are ATTACKS from the enemy. Don’t let the enemy continue to taint your mind and make you believe a LIE about yourself.

As of right now, I’m walking completely by faith. I am doing whatever it is that the Lord places on my heart to do. Since I walk in the spirit and gave myself and my life to Christ, I no longer think how I used to. Things that I wouldn’t have been willing to do before, I now have no problem doing. I live with Christ leading me completely. I don’t live by my old ways or thoughts because that’s not who I am anymore. I actually enjoy writing now, especially about Christ! My writing isn’t perfect, but He qualified me to do it and it will only get better! I don’t have that feeling of inadequacy because I can do all through Him who strengthens me. {Philippians 4:13 ESV}

When you have that burning passion that you should be doing something, don’t hold back because you don’t have all the details or feel inadequate. Just step out, walk by faith, and see what happens. God carries us the rest of the way when we are walking according to His will for our lives.

Love yall,

Amaiya K ♡

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