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My Current Season

This season has been pretty interesting. Internally, I've been dealing with a few things. I've still been healing from a breakup. I've been confused about what I was doing with my major, or even if I was in the right major. Lately, I've felt like God was removing people from my life and I wasn’t sure why. Things just weren’t going my way at all. In the past, I was never fond of change and things happening out of my control. I don’t like confusion and not knowing what I should be doing. The Lord has been working with me through this entire season. He’s been showing Himself and just how faithful He is.

What this season has been teaching me:

1) Whenever God tells us to do something and we don’t move fast enough, we will let our time run out. I allowed opportunities where God wanted me to do something to pass me by because of fear and feeling inadequate. I should have known better and trusted that when he calls his children to do something, he will meet them there. Isaiah 41:10 I also thought that if God told me to do something, there wouldn’t necessarily be a time limit. As long as I did it, I would be good, right? WRONG! I realized he had closed doors on things he told me to do because I took too long to complete them. I was doing things on my timing instead of God’s timing, and it just don’t work like that. That goes along with being obedient to what he is telling you to do. Ultimately, because I wasn’t being obedient, I know I missed out on a blessing. Deuteronomy 28:1-14

2) God will truly provide for you if you trust him. Being a full time college student can be a struggle sometimes, especially when you don’t have a job or parents who give you money whenever you ask. I was trusting God to provide for me financially. I felt him leading me to seriously seek out a part time job on top of being a full time college student. After filling out a few applications, I got an interview 3 days later with a growing fashion company and was hired and filling out paper work all in the same day! The timing was perfect; I knew it was from Him! I know that I will be able to handle school and work because I’m trusting that God wouldn’t put more on me than I can handle. I also know this job was meant for me because its right in my major. This has also been a blessing because lately, I was questioning if I was in the right major. I am so excited because I know now that God brought me to this job to show me that I’m am right where I need to be. I also think He is bringing me completely out of my comfort zone and showing me things about myself that I wasn’t fully aware of. I am now content in my major and trusting the Lord to lead me with the rest.

3) Whenever we are in a situation where God is closing the door on a relationship (rather it be a friendship or relationship), we need to let go and trust Him. God was closing the door on some friendships in my life. It’s always hard for me to see this happen because I’ve never been comfortable with change until now. I am now learning to be content with people leaving my life and trusting that God will send the right people in my life in his timing. I am also thankful for the right people who are in my life now. From now on, my focus is to not put all my hope in people, but in Him alone. That way I won’t be disappointed. Isaiah 2:22

4) Patience. This season has been all about waiting and pruning. I found myself getting discouraged at times because I wasn’t being patient enough. I wanted things to happen when I thought they should be happening. Lately I was finding myself trying to run ahead of God. I was trying to figure things out on my own and it was making things way harder than it had to be. I realized that things that come from God will come with ease. When you trust God for something, you’re not supposed to go and try to figure things out without Him. Whenever I tried to do something outside of God's will, things would be SO hard and confusing. For example, I have been trying to move off campus for over a year now, and things just don’t work out in my favor. I am realizing that if God wanted me to move off, he will make it happen. It will come with ease, just like how my job came along. He truly knows what’s best for us, and that may not be what’s best for me right now. Currently I’ve been living by Proverbs 3:5-6!

I hope this encourages someone who may be going through a similar season or just needs a reminder of how faithful God is. Please don’t get discouraged. The main thing I have focused on is that seasons are TEMPORARY. I have been trusting God to bring me through it and you should too!

Amaiya K ♡

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